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Struggling With Facebook Ads?

Is high ad cost eating into your profit?

Have you been getting too many leads that ignore your texts or calls?

Do you feel anxious not knowing how much more you need to spend to get it right?

Let us help!

With our Facebook Lead Ad Solution, you can sit back while we do the heavy lifting.

No more spending days or weeks trying to make it work.

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Crafted For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs

Unlike other agencies’ solutions, our Facebook Lead Ad Solution is created with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketers in mind.

Our quick and simple solution is suitable for those who wish to get low-cost, high-quality leads, and can’t afford to risk thousands of dollars on ads, like those big brands can.

 About the Founder

Hi, my name is Jax, founder of Kuick Launch Pte Ltd. I also have another website at jaxng.com

I used to sell supplements using traditional lead generation methods… and I totally hated it.

I hated handing out flyers in the hot sun only to have people crumbling them up and tossing them in the bin a few steps away from me.

I hated the insincere feeling of calling up friends and relatives that I haven’t spoken to in a while just to pitch to them.

And I hated wasting time spamming in forums and Facebook groups only to get banned by the admins without getting even a single sale.

At the back of my mind, I knew there had to be a more effective and less intrusive way of getting leads.

Deep down, I wanted to spend more time working on parts of the business that I loved and less time doing all those stuff that I hated.

With what little I had earned from my supplements business, I enrolled in various marketing courses and experimented with different ad platforms.

 In the end, I decided to specialize in Facebook ads, since it has the highest potential in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs like myself take our businesses to the next level.

After spending thousands of dollars and countless days, I formulated a quick and simple way to generate high-quality, low-cost leads from Facebook ads.

Today, I dedicate all my time helping other small business owners and entrepreneurs generate leads with this platform.

If you know anyone who has trouble getting leads from Facebook, hit me up!

— Jax Ng

Email: jax@kuicklaunch.com
Tel: +65 9661 8396

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